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Karen pleads with Steve to change his mind but he's unyielding. Chesney's downhearted as the Scalextric that Cilla bought him is second-hand and doesn't work properly and there's only a scrawny chicken for Christmas dinner. Ashley and Claire's wedding reception is in full swing in the Rovers. Cilla manages to nick a load of food and champagne from the reception. Steve's distraught as he explains to Liz that it's over with Karen. Katy confides in Violet that she proposed to Martin. Shelley's gobsmacked when Charlie gives her diamond earrings for Christmas. Tyrone gets stage fright and insists that Fred does the best man's speech. Fred reads out Tyrone's speech as Tyrone cringes but to his relief, everyone thinks it's great. Ken, Deirdre, Blanche, Tracy and Amy have Christmas dinner together. Tracy raises a toast to her family and it's a warm moment. Yvonne makes a speech and gives Ashley and Claire her blessing. Katy's upset when Martin says he doesn't want to marry her yet but promises one day he'll propose to her on bended knee. Chesney cheers up when he sees all the food that Cilla's nicked from the Rovers. Steve's gutted but insists that Karen goes. Distraught Karen climbs into a taxi and leaves Weatherfield.


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Ken Barlow: "I didn't buy you a present. The money I would have spent, I gave to a charity that helps children in Africa. Father Christmas doesn't visit there so I sent something from you instead. You know, Amy, it's a wonderful thing that because of you, another little baby, far away from here... is going to have the best present in the world... the chance of a better life."

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