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Tyrone's worried that he's not good enough for Maria, although Fiz and Claire assure him that he is. Charlie takes the mickey out of Jason because he hasn't managed to get Violet into bed yet. Claire suggests to Ashley that he should ask Tyrone to be best man as it would help Tyrone improve his self-esteem. Ashley agrees to think about it. Jason tells Violet that it's time they had sex. Violet takes offence. Jason admits he's in love with her but is hurt when Violet just throws it back in his face. Frankie hears about the missing £200 and tells Danny that she borrowed it to go Christmas shopping. Danny lies to the girls and says it was stuck down the back of the drawer. The girls apologise to Angela but she's still hurt. Jealous Candice gives Katy a hard time for kissing Warren. Fiz tells Tyrone that Ashley's going to ask him to be his best man. Tyrone's chuffed to death. When Claire finds out Ashley's asked Martin instead, she panics. Violet finally cracks and admits to Jason that she feels the same but is just worried about getting hurt like she was by her last boyfriend. Martin, David and Craig are kicking a ball around. Warren joins in. It turns into a grudge match between Martin and Warren. Finally Martin lunges at Warren telling him to stay away from Katy.


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