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Ashley needs to find a new best man now that Nick's pulled out. Katy suggests to Martin that they should get married but he reckons they should wait until she's finished university. Yvonne calls round to No.4 and gives Claire some mementos of her father and asks if she can give Claire away at the wedding. Claire agrees. Charlie gets the building contract from Dev to rebuild the corner shop and possibly some of his other shops too. Furious Angela tells the girls that she's not the thief. Kelly's still disbelieving. Danny suggests to Hayley that they search the factory from top to bottom. Charlie continues to undermine Shelley's confidence suggesting that she often upsets customers without realising it. Violet makes up with Jason. Jason lies to Charlie pretending that he and Violet are sleeping together but Charlie susses out the truth. Jamie, Warren, Candice, Leanne and Katy mess around kissing each other under the mistletoe. Martin walks in and sees Warren kissing Katy on the lips. Claire tells Fred that Yvonne will now be giving her away. Fred tries to hide his disappointment and hopes that Ashley will ask him to be best man instead. Martin's furious with Katy, accusing her of behaving like a kid. Katy storms off upset.


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