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Chirpy Tyrone tells Kevin and Tommy that he's back with Maria. Charlie behaves as if nothing's happened, making Shelley perturbed. Audrey's pleased that Maria chose Tyrone, whereas Candice makes snide comments about him. Danny strikes a deal with the factory girls: if they can get £100 together towards a Christmas party and finish the latest order today, he'll double the money. Dev and Sunita arrive back from Sunita's mother's house. Dev invites Shelley and Charlie round for dinner. Shelley's relieved when Charlie agrees. Les and Cilla come up with a plan to win the £25 Christmas pudding money from Roy. He sees through their scam and makes Les eat all the puddings to get the money. Maria's put out when Gail announces that Nick's going to be Ashley's best man at the wedding. Betty calls in to the cafe explaining that she asked Hayley to save her a portion of Christmas pudding. Betty's portion turns out to contain the winning £2 coin. A fight ensues over the pudding and Cilla ends up with it down her dress. Shelley waits until she's alone and phones Bev. She tells Bev that she's glad they're speaking again but it's best they don't see each other. Bev suspects Charlie's behind this but Shelley refuses to say. Charlie arrives back and guilty Shelley quickly slams down the phone. The factory girls complete their order. They've raised £95 and Mike gives them the other £5. Danny keeps his word and doubles their money to £200. Charlie realises that Shelley's been speaking to Bev. He advances towards her menacingly and Shelley's terrified.


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