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Maria goes to thank Tyrone. Audrey notices that the money in the cupboard for the takings are crisp notes from a cash machine and as she goes to blame Candice, Maria owns up. She tells Audrey that Tyrone gave her the money. Audrey tells her that love is sometimes more than skin-deep. The factory girls plan to get their own back on Danny and his giant cut-out. Roy admits that his great grandmother developed a drinking problem when she started making her Christmas puddings. The puddings are going down well in Roy's Rolls. Claire is getting worried that the wedding won't be ready in time and that her mum is interfering trying to ruin it. Steve has bought Amy a keyboard, but asks that Tracy keep it a secret from Karen. Fred admits to Ashley that his accountant Bernie Bolton, wrote off the Orchid Pattaya losses as business losses in his books. Ashley and Yvonne get into an argument. Deirdre and Liz discover the present from Steve under the Barlows' tree. Deirdre confronts Tracy about it and tells her to forget Steve. Danny contacts the Gazette to come and photograph the unveiling of his photographic cut-out. Tyrone feels conflicted when Maria turns up to buy him a pint in the Rovers. Tyrone winds up to ask her out but bottles it. The factory girls have stapled a photocopy of Danny's face to the giant photograph of the girl in underwear on a sleigh. Everyone sees at the grand unveiling including the Gazette. Claire and Ashley have an emotional argument with Yvonne. Claire says that part of her mum has died inside. Yvonne's upset but, still on course, says that she'll be back again tomorrow morning to carry on the tax inspection.


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Yvonne Casey (to Fred Elliott): "You must have an established system of traffic between your businesses? How do you treat meat you take home for your own consumption?"
Ashley Peacock: "Well we cook it, generally."


Ken Barlow (referring to a Christmas decoration): "My Goodness! I didn't know we'd still got this one. It's Bakelite, that's how old it is. You know, I can remember my father hanging that... like it was yesterday."

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