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Roy decides to get up early and make Christmas pudding mix for the cafe. He decides to put money in the mix, but he wakes Hayley. Later Janice and Angela sign up for a piece of the cake. There is arguing as the Barlows discuss their decorations. Tracy complains that Christmas will be miserable anyway. Steve and Karen discuss baby names. Karen wants to name the baby "Leo" because of his star sign. Danny has decided to put decorations up in the factory and gives the girls the morning off to help. Maria tells Liz that she got the money from a mate. At work, Maria and Candice are discussing Claire's hair for her wedding. Maria tries unsuccessfully to replace Audrey's money. Claire suggests to Fred that the butcher's shop could do with some lights. Later Candice distracts Audrey while Maria replaces the money. Fred puts up the "Gobbling Gordon" neon sign but decides against the "get stuffed" catchphrase. Ashley claims it makes the butcher's look like a fried chicken takeaway. They later change the sign buts it then looks like Santa is chopping Gordon's head off. As Boris goes to change it again he falls off the ladder. Tracy asks Steve to buy Amy an expensive present for Christmas. Danny puts a cardboard cut-out photograph of a girl in underwear in the sleigh on the factory decorations. The staff are disgusted at the sight. Claire's mum, Yvonne, calls round to the butcher's shop for a random tax inspection.


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