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Dev and Sunita are in hospital, traumatised after their ordeal. When Sally tells Sophie just how frightened she was when she couldn't find her, Sophie's delighted to be the centre of attention. Sunita finds out that Maya's in the same hospital and insists that she and Dev leave immediately. Tracy has taken Amy to the medical centre with a temperature. She's pleased when Steve takes an interest. Charlie and Ciaran enjoy being treated as local heroes. Karen's gobsmacked to find out that she's pregnant. Dev thanks Ciaran for saving his and Sunita's lives. Sean and Kelly argue in the factory. Danny demands to know what's going on. Kelly lies, saying Sean came on to her and she tried to push him off. She shows Danny her bruises. Danny sacks Sean who's devastated. Norris clocks Les and Cilla looting the corner shop while the policeman on watch has nipped to the loo. He later accosts the pair but Cilla assures him that they didn't get anything as it was all burnt to a cinder. Norris is disgusted with them. Sean bursts into tears and tells Eileen how he's been sacked. Charlie offers to take Shelley shopping and for a bite to eat. He's annoyed when she turns him down saying that she has to work. Steve's delighted when Karen tells him that she's pregnant. Tracy's furious.


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  • TV Times synopsis: The blaze is the talk of the Street; while Karen is elated to discover she is pregnant and goes to tell Steve the happy news in the Rovers - where Tracy looks on devastated.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 12,960,000 viewers (6th place).

Notable dialogue[]

Shelley Unwin: "Maya's touch and go, apparently."
Charlie Stubbs: "Torch and go, more like."

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