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Dev regains consciousness. Sunita is still chained to the cooker. Dev tries to placate Maya telling her that she needs help but Maya continues with her mad rant. Tommy quits the poker game owing Mike £78 and is gutted to find out afterwards he had the better hand. The police call at the corner shop flat and Maya talks to them pretending to be Sunita. Having stolen Sunita's wedding ring, she's now wearing it herself. Mike wins game after game of poker. Fred's quietly seething. Sophie can't sleep. She hears screams from the flat next door but thinks she's been dreaming. Kevin takes her with him on a breakdown call-out. Maya switches on the gas rings without lighting them and leaves Dev and Sunita bound and gagged in the flat. She goes downstairs and sets light to the corner shop. Ken's fed up with Tracy childishly taking the wheels off the car when it's Karen's turn to use it. He vows to return them. Jamie and Leanne, returning from a night's clubbing, spot the shop on fire. Rita phones the fire brigade. The Websters' house starts to fill with smoke. Sally drags Rosie out but is distraught when she can't find Sophie. Charlie and Ciaran enter the flat to rescue Dev and Sunita. Kevin and Sophie return home. Sally hugs Sophie, crying tears of relief that she's safe and well. Just as Ciaran drags Dev out, the shop explodes in a colossal fireball. Dev and Shelley are inconsolable, but Charlie and Sunita then emerge safely. Observing the scene from a distance, Maya is furious to realise her plan has failed. She drives her car straight at Dev and Sunita in an attempt to run them over but misses and crashes. She's about to have a second go when a lorry ploughs into the back of her car as the residents of the street look on in shock and horror.


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