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Dev's worst fears are confirmed when Maya picks up the phone. Whilst pinning Sunita down Maya demands he comes to the flat and doesn't involve the police. Mike, Fred, Charlie, Tommy and Danny begin their game of poker. Tommy's worried he hasn't much money and the stakes are too high. Maya continues to torment Sunita, telling her how much she enjoyed ruining her wedding and accuses her of being a dim-witted, dreary little drudge. Frankie, Eileen, Deirdre and Liz go back to No.7 for a drink. Eileen tells them how she used to be in a band with Patrick and once had a fling with him. Shelley feels very left-out listening to the men playing poker in the back. Dev arrives at his flat and is frustrated to find it empty. He's horrified when he realises Maya's taken Sunita to the corner shop and obviously plans to burn that down too. Mike's on a winning streak and Fred's getting agitated. Tommy's only got £4 left when he's dealt a good hand. He starts running up a debt to stay in the game. The pressure's on Tommy as continues to increase his debt. Dev lets himself into the shop flat. He's appalled to find Sunita bound and gagged in the kitchen. She tries to warn him that Maya's behind him but it's too late. Maya bashes Dev over the head with an ornament.


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