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Charlie tells Les that the council will charge him for the repairs as the bath was too big, so he helps make it look like the original bath fell through due to rot-damaged joists. Frankie watches Warren's practice match where he plays well. Karen lets the tyres down on the Barlows' car, Tracy gives her the bill. Ron Hepplewhite declares No.9 the nomination for Working Class Monument of Greater Manchester. Vera's ecstatic, but disappointed when Frankie can't go shopping. She borrows Frankie's expensive handbag. The Barlows find the wheels gone off the car. Steve's dismayed to find Karen in the lounge of their flat with the wheels. After a close call, council surveyor Eddie Thorburn falls for the trick and asks Charlie to send him an estimate for the bill. Tracy uses Liz's spare key to get back the wheels from the McDonalds' flat, infuriating Karen when she returns to find them gone. Steve and the Barlows wonder where their childish behaviour will end. Sean and Kelly end their evening snuggled up in bed together. Although this is all platonic, Kelly's pleased with her progress. Ron and Jack are celebrating their successful scam when Jack receives a phone call, Vera's been mugged. Arriving at the hospital, Vera's distraught that Frankie's handbag's been stolen and blames her vanity for the whole thing. Jack's guilty as it's all his fault.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Les and Cilla complain to a council investigator that their house is structurally weak; Jack is thrilled that his ruse against Vera is working - until he gets a phone call from the hospital.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,320,000 viewers (7th place).

Notable dialogue[]

Tracy Barlow: "The sooner she takes in that Karen McDonald's a gobby, stupid cow the better."
Liz McDonald: "Oh, I think she'll learn that soon enough!"

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