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Steve's worried that Karen will see the quiz show and has narrow escapes all day from people dropping him in it. Candice tries to persuade Maria that she should take her on holiday with her instead of Tyrone. Tyrone is upset as he senses Maria doesn't want to go away with him. Charlie's annoyed that Shelley wants to go out and see Sunita. Ron Hepplewhite looks around No.9 and tells Vera that they are on the shortlist. Candice tells Tyrone that Maria doesn't want him to go on holiday and she is going instead. Maria feels cruel and tells him that he can go, but later wonders what she's done. Candice is sulky. The Barlows and numerous others gather in the Rovers to watch the quiz on the television. Karen wonders why Steve is acting so strangely as he tries everything to keep her away from a television set. Charlie thinks Shelley's going out to punish him for going out the night before. She says otherwise but he tells her that he doesn't like playing games. He persuades her to stay in, although she's not happy about it. After Steve's dragged Karen all around the street in panic, they enter the pub at the point in the quiz where Steve is on the phone to Karen. She watches her winning answer and the McDonald-Barlows' delight. Tracy gloats. Karen rushes from the pub in tears calling Steve a liar. Steve is left desperate and alone in the busy pub.


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Blanche Hunt (to Deirdre Rachid): "Good looks are a curse, you and Kenneth should count yourselves very lucky."

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