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Steve tries to convince Karen that nothing went on between him and Tracy. Karen's heartbroken and doesn't trust him. Claire is delighted when Ashley suggests that they bring the wedding forward. Tyrone's upset that Maria's invited Kirk and Fiz along on their date. Kirk and Maria argue over which of them will get to go on their parents' cancelled holiday. Eileen tells Steve that he should tell Karen everything as she will no doubt find out in the end. Jason's disappointed when he realises his date with Violet will also be part of the group with Maria, Tyrone, Fiz and Kirk. Tracy sees Karen in the street and apologises insincerely. She does more to imply that Steve isn't being completely truthful. Maria, Tyrone, Fiz, Kirk, Violet and Jason play bar games in the Weatherfield Arms to determine who will go on the holiday to Majorca. Maria wins in the end, thanks to Tyrone's efforts, but wonders what she's got herself into when she realises that Tyrone is expecting to go on holiday with her. Violet decides she really likes Jason after their date. Shelley is disappointed when Charlie goes out in the evening. When he returns she is upset that he doesn't offer to help her clean up in the Rovers. The church only has Christmas Day free for weddings. Ashley apologises to Claire for raising her hopes but she would love to get married on Christmas Day. They decide to book it. Steve manages to placate Karen, explaining that Tracy can't touch them. Later he is sick with fear when Tracy happily informs him that the quiz show will be broadcast tomorrow evening.


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