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At breakfast the "McDonald-Barlows" can't believe their luck. Blanche and Liz try to get Steve, Tracy and Amy to return to Weatherfield in the same car but Steve's having none of it. Ashley suggests that Claire moves in but she tells him that he's still feeling guilty about loving her. Jack and Vera receive a letter from the North West Conservation Society saying their house could be made into a people's living museum. Jack tries to put Vera off but she thinks it's a great idea. Audrey thinks Ashley is miserable because it's Maxine's birthday, he's horrified when he realises that he'd forgotten the date. Audrey tells him that he needs to put Claire, Joshua and himself first now. Ian Davenport turns up at Kevin's garage in a flash car. They go to the Rovers for a pint and Sally is horrified when Kevin suggests they go the chippy and eat at their house. When Kevin later invites Ian and Justine for tea, Sally's furious that he could embarrass them like that. Steve's surprised to find Karen back home early. She drags him into the bedroom for her welcome home. Doreen tells Ashley to be ready as she'll pick him and Joshua up to visit Maxine's grave. Ashley tells Claire that he's not going and he's putting her first from now on. She later insists that he goes, while Doreen realises that Claire is actually a nice girl. Karen is bragging about her and Steve's sex life in the Rovers when Blanche tells her about Steve's trip to London with Tracy and the family. Karen is furious and drags Steve home. Jack and Ron Hepplewhite celebrate the success so far of their scheme to get Vera to allow Jack to have pigeons again. Steve tries to placate Karen and explain, but she shouts that she's sick of him and his excuses. She slams the door and leaves.


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Vera Duckworth: "Oh, Jack! Our house... a museum?"
Jack Duckworth: "Aye, I always said you should be in a museum!"

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