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Steve tells Karen that he needs the answer for a bet in the Rovers. She answers correctly and the "McDonald-Barlows" are ecstatic when they win. Jack's avoiding Vera in the Weatherfield Arms. He bumps into Ron Hepplewhite who suggests there's a way Jack can get back into the Pigeon Fanciers Association without Vera knowing. Jack's intrigued. Sally's uncomfortable at the Davenports' house when everyone is dressed casually, she finds it difficult to join in conversation with the other ladies. Kevin gets on well with the men and is soon enjoying himself. Blanche, Deirdre, Ken, Liz and Tracy discuss how to split the winnings. Steve says they can have his share as long as Karen doesn't find out. Steve makes Tracy swear on Amy's life that she won't tell Karen. Steve can't open his bedroom door and is persuaded by Tracy to call reception from her room. Steve's uncomfortable but agrees and they sit down to chat in Tracy's room. Janice and Patrick's date is a disaster and Janice goes home disgusted with being messed around all night. She tells Patrick to forget it. Sally relaxes later at the party, and when she and Kevin arrive home they are in a good mood. She suggests that they could be the Davenports one day, but Kevin says he is happy as the Websters. Sally is disappointed and storms to bed. Kevin wonders what he did wrong. Steve's tempted when Tracy suggests spending the night together but he leaves. He double-checks that Tracy won't tell Karen about the quiz show.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Steve and Tracy grow closer following the success of the quiz show; and Sally feels awkward among the posh women at the Davenports' soiree.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 13,490,000 viewers (1st place).
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