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Karen leaves for Dublin. While she's away, Steve drives Liz to London to take part in the new television game show Top of the Tree, with the Barlows. Patrick nervously asks Janice out on a date. She agrees and Patrick is happy. Blanche, Deirdre, Ken, Tracy and Amy prepare to leave for London for the taping. Liz assures them that Steve will take part. However, Tracy realises that Steve is unaware of this and looks forward to the trip even more when she finds out Karen will be away. Sally and Kevin look for Sophie's guinea pig, Sally accuses her of letting it out on purpose. They argue and Sophie points out that Rosie is receiving all the attention and money. Sally tries to get out of drinks with Gemma Davenport's parents, Kevin tells her that they have to go as it's arranged. Steve's unhappy when he realises that Tracy's joining them in London. Jamie sulks as Warren takes Candice out on a date. Danny submits and gives Jamie some money to take Leanne out. Steve's angry to realise that he's been duped into taking part in the game show, and hopes Karen won't find out. Steve's uncomfortable with his "Dad" name badge, especially with Tracy's "Mum" badge and questions from the presenter about how they met. Jamie brags to Leanne that Danny has to stay in his good books now but won't say any more. Leanne's intrigued. Patrick and Janice finally catch up with each other and go out. Sally drags Kevin back from the Davenports so she can change and get expensive wine to take, having seen the size of their house. Steve has to answer the big question in the quiz about shoes and he decides to phone Karen for the answer.


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