Cilla promises to make it up to Les for not christening the whirlpool the previous night. Mena arrives at Dev's flat. She urges a helpless Dev not to give up hope. Mena meets with Tom Duggan. The factory girls go for a drink in the Rovers during their lunch where Janice announces that Kelly has the hots for the boss man. She betrays Hayley by making this announcement. Kelly slams her pint down and leaves the Rovers. Kelly heads back to the factory. She disturbs Jamie lifting money from the petty cash box. She is disappointed that Danny is not there and returns to her machine. Dev meets Mena in the Rovers. Shelley joins them to discuss Mena's idea about how to free Sunita. Mena believes that having another lawyer would help. She makes a phone call. Mena has phoned for Maya. Dev and Shelley do nothing other than listen, totally baffled. Les comes home early to find Cilla still in her dressing gown. Emily and Norris go round to No.5 concerned about the noise and vibrations coming from their house. Danny returns and he invites Kelly to share a sausage roll with him. He kisses her. The factory girls walk in on them still in an embrace. Tom Duggan identifies Maya as the woman he drove in his taxi. Maya worries Dev about the consequences of a prime witness making an identification out of court.


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