Mrs Arkinstall reveals that the Federation of Women's Associations want Annie to stand for something special. She asks Annie to keep it to herself for the time being. Len is obliged to tackle Annie about the Rovers' name as she's seeing Mrs Arkinstall off the premises. His stuttered speech leads Stan to cut in to get the point across. Annie shocks them by backing down without an argument. Dennis borrows the plug from Elsie's iron for the fan to keep himself cool in the sweltering heat. Ena and Minnie go halves on groceries so that they can afford the larger varieties and cut down on their food bills. Ena lets Elsie know that Len will soon be sniffing around her again. Ruth waits until she's been out for dinner with Len before telling him she's getting married to a stunt man. Len hides his true feelings and tells Ruth he's glad for her. Drowning his sorrows with Jerry, Len is bitter that he never stood a chance with Ruth. Jack is unnerved by Annie's placid demeanour. Jerry still hasn't been able to contact Myra. Len shows off at the Yard to prove that stunt work is a piece of cake and ends up falling off his ladder. Ruth announces her departure at the Rovers. Mrs Arkinstall returns to tell Annie that her nomination has been ratified by the committee in a unanimous vote and will be announced in a press release. Annie is warned to make sure nothing spoils her copy book. The residents are giving Ruth a send-off when Len arrives. He leads them to think he's in a bad mood before joining the party. Ruth leaves the Street. Annie confides in Jack that Mrs Arkinstall was there to discuss the FWA's nomination for Councillor in the by-elections - her.


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Jack Walker: "Listen, my missus yappin' is not news. It's when she stops yappin' that I start getting worried."

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