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Mike gives Dev a talking-to and makes him realise he's got to stay calm and help the police for Sunita's sake. Maya turns up at the corner shop. She goads Dev until he snaps. He tells Maya he'd like to kill her. Maya makes sure Sonia is in earshot and therefore a witness. Candice continues to shows off about Warren, her footballer boyfriend. Maria's sick of hearing it and accuses her of thinking she's the new Victoria Beckham. Maya tells the police how Dev's behind the whole bigamy and immigration case and only went out with her to obtain the legal knowledge he needed to set up the scam. She goes on to tell them how he's threatened her life and she has a witness. Claire tells Ashley that she knows he's not emotionally ready to get married again yet and that's why he set a date so far off. Ashley breaks down and Claire holds him. Fiz, Sonia and Janice decide to play Danny at his own game and rather than having a sewing race opt for a go-slow instead. Hayley and Kelly aren't keen. The police interview Dev and suggest that he's behind the whole scam. Maya visits Sunita in prison and cruelly tells her how Dev must have sold her birth certificate and how he's used her. Sunita refuses to believe her but is clearly upset nonetheless.


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