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Dev and Sunita are independently questioned by the police. All the wedding guests are in a state of shock. The police accuse Sunita of marrying three illegal immigrants, saying that her marriage to Dev is bigamous. She's shocked when shown marriage certificates all containing her signature. Both Dev and Sunita realise that Maya must be behind the whole travesty but neither can prove it. Sunita's shown a bank account containing £6,000. They accuse her of taking £1,000 for each illegal marriage. Violet messes Jason about and cancels their date. Jason's very downhearted. Maya tells Mena how Sunita was engaged to Ciaran but called the wedding off and then thought she was pregnant by a married man. Mena's distraught to think that her daughter could behave in such a way. Dev's released without charge when the police realise that he is who he says he is, whereas Sunita is charged and held. Shelley bites the bullet and apologises to Gail In desperation, Dev tries to call Maya but to no avail. His concern for Sunita finally gets the better of him and he breaks down in tears.


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  • Last appearance of Penny King until 8th April 2005.
  • TV Times synopsis: Dev is interrogated by a detective, who informs him that Sunita is suspected of aiding the illegal immigration of seven men - including him; while back at the temple, Maya tries to turn Mena against her daughter.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 13,490,000 viewers (2nd place).
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