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Shelley's even more convinced that Charlie's having an affair with Gail when she finds a piece of paper in Charlie's wallet with Gail's mobile number on and a "Romantic Breaks" brochure with a note on it from Gail to Charlie. As Shelley has her final bridesmaid's sari fitting she confides in Sunita her suspicions about Charlie and Gail. Sunita refuses to believe it's true but Shelley's convinced. Jason has some free tickets to Prefects, a new club in town. He's put out when Violet turns him down so invites Maria, Fiz, Tyrone and Kirk instead. Ciaran finds Violet looking glum. When he questions her, she gets upset saying how she's always unlucky in love and has been hurt in the past. Jamie's fed up when Danny refuses to lend him some money to take Leanne out but happily gives Warren money for new football boots. Claire and Ashley discuss wedding dates. Claire's put out when Ashley works out that August 2007 is the first convenient time. Violet changes her mind, puts on a school uniform and joins the rest of them going to Prefects. Shelley gets drunk and accuses Charlie of having an affair with Gail. Charlie denies it but Shelley isn't listening and storms round to Gail's house. In front of Charlie, Cilla, Leanne, Jamie, Ashley and David, Shelley completely humiliates herself.


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