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After a night in the cells, Tracy's upset and scared at the thought of prison. Although Ken's angry he comforts her. Charlie has a job on at No.8 building a cabin bed for Bethany. Deirdre pleads with Mike to get Penny to drop the charges for the sake of the love they once felt for each other. Mike softens and agrees to talk to her. Penny overhears and is amazed to learn that they were once an item. Fred gives Ciaran his job in the Rovers back just to annoy Mike and Penny. Jayesh turns down the offer of being Dev's best man, so Dev asks Mike instead. Shelley finds out that Charlie was only in the Weatherfield Arms briefly and wonders where he was the rest of the night. When Charlie says he's off out with a mate, Shelley becomes even more suspicious. Ashley breaks the news to Doreen that he's marrying Claire. Doreen's upset saying that it's too soon to replace Maxine. Mike persuades Penny to drop the charges against Tracy. Pointing out how he's lied to her again, Penny dumps Mike. Fred's delighted. When Shelley tries to phone Charlie and he cuts her off, she's convinced he must be having an affair.


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Blanche Hunt (about Tracy Barlow): "You know where she gets it from... her real father, Ray. He more or less grew up in Borstal - it's in her genes."

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