Annie celebrates when the brewery reacts favourably to the name change. Jack discovers that she told them the regulars are enthusiastic about the Rovers' new name. Reading a letter from the brewery, he realises that it's just an acknowledgement of Annie's idea. Stan suggests to Ena that they get the residents together and let the brewery know how they feel. Ena suggests a boycott of the Rovers but he refuses as he'd have to walk further to the nearest pub. Ena suspects Jed is hiding something when Stan tells her about his brush with the law in Liverpool and how it scared him. Jerry tries to get hold of Myra about a divorce. Elsie warns Sheila that Myra could make things very difficult for them. Jack promises Stan and Len that Annie's idea won't come to anything. They aren't convinced. Minnie worries when Jed goes off his food. Ruth tells Ena she's had a proposal from an old boyfriend called Paul, who wants her to join him in Rome. She turned him down once before when he had no prospects but he's sorted himself out and is now a stuntman in films. Stan, David, Jed, Dennis, Jerry and Len meet at the yard to discuss the Rovers' name. Stan makes a rousing speech, telling them they'll be laughed at whenever they say their local is called The Masked Lady and must stand up to Annie. Len finds himself nominated as their spokesman. Ruth tells Ena that the Community Centre is being moved from the Mission to Chester Street so if she stayed in the area it would be for Len. Annie entertains the president of the Federation of Women's Associations, Mrs Arkinstall. Ruth decides to go to Rome and prepares herself to tell Len.


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  • This episode features no cast credits and a partial production credits, crediting only producer H.V. Kershaw and director Bob Hird.
  • TV Times synopsis: Jed in the dumps and Annie in Seventh Heaven
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 4,450,000 homes (17th place - along with Episode 585 (20th July 1966) this was the lowest rated appearance of an episode within the top twenty in 1966. This episode was transmitted opposite a West Germany v Soviet Union World Cup match on BBC1).
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