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Ken and Deirdre arrive back from Dublin. Les is interested in buying a whirlpool bath off Charlie. Sunita forgives Dev but wishes that he'd consulted her first. Tracy tells Ciaran that she's booked them two weeks in Spain and she's off into town to do some holiday shopping. Ciaran wonders if she'll still like him when the money's gone. Still decorating, loved-up Claire and Ashley dip their hands in the paint and print them on the wall. Ciaran tells Penny that he sold the restaurant for £30,000 and that he's keeping £10,000 for his hard work and expenses and she can have £20,000. Penny's shocked and furious that she's £50,000 down on her investment. Jason finds out that Violet and Sean are old friends. Jason immediately changes his tune about Sean and tells Eileen he can move back in whenever he wants. Janice gets drunk and snogs Patrick. Ken reads out a poem he's written about Deirdre. She's embarrassed. Ashley proposes to Claire in front of everyone. She accepts to huge cheers from the assembled crowd. Fred declares the winners of his romantic competition are Ashley and Claire.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Tracy primes Ciaran for his meeting with Penny, confident he can pull the wool over her eyes; and Fred reveals the winner of the competition, but isn't impressed by the entry standard.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,860,000 viewers (4th place).

Notable dialogue[]

Vera Duckworth: "The things you find under them Baldwin boys' beds. D'ya know it's disgusting. I don't know who the 'readers' are but the 'wives' should wear a couple of thermal vests!"


Ken Barlow: "A rose, by any other name than Deirdre, is not a rose at all.
A shoulder to cry on and beneath two arms to steer me, my safety net to catch me lest I fall.
My north, my east, my south and west. My safety buoy, my life vest.
I close my eyes and sniff her heady scent.
For yes, a rose by any other name but Deirdre, surely is not a rose at all."

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