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Ashley decides it's time to redecorate the lounge. He and Claire start stripping the old wallpaper. Jason tells Charlie that he's in love with Violet. Tracy assures Ciaran that she'll sign the contract as Penny King. Ciaran worries about the fraud they're about commit. Ciaran nervously waits for Mr Walker to arrive so they can sign the deal and he can get his cheque for £60,000. He's shocked when Mike and Penny unexpectedly arrive wanting a meal. Dev visits Sunita's parents to try and persuade them to change their minds about coming to the wedding but to no avail. Mr Walker arrives and with Penny sitting just across the room, Tracy does the deal signing herself "Penny King". Mike recognises Mr Walker from the golf club and wonders what he and Tracy are up to. Ashley uncovers the word "Maxine" under the wallpaper and gets upset. Jason invites Violet for tea at No.11. She and Eileen get on well. Sunita's furious with Dev for visiting her parents behind her back. Kirk's attempt at a romantic tattoo goes wrong when the tattooist puts "I love Fez" rather than "I love Fiz". Fred retracts his offer of a weekend in Paris and changes it to a weekend at the Paris Hotel in Bridlington. Ciaran's got his cheque but is worried about what he's done while Tracy is delighted.


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