Ken, Jerry, David, Dennis, Len, Jed and Stan set off for Liverpool to see Brazil play Portugal in the World Cup. Stan loads the minibus with ale for the journey. Len feels torn between the football and Ruth. Ruth cancels their date so that he can go to the match. Annie fantasises about the picture, imagining a nobleman meeting a lady at a masked ball and staying at the Rovers when it was an 18th century hostelry. Jed doesn't seem keen to go to Liverpool. Annie feels that the Rovers has some romantic past and that the pub's name should be changed for the American tourists. After a chat with Ena and Minnie about famous people who previously lived in the area, she settles on "The Masked Lady", inspired by the picture. The menfolk stop at the Greyhound Inn en route. Stan loses the kitty containing £35 and the football tickets and thinks he's left it at home until Jed produces it. As they resume their journey, Stan makes off with a sign for the ladies lavatory. Ena doesn't want the Rovers' name changed and tells Annie to move to Cheshire if she wants a posh pub. The coach stops at a Tea Bar in New Brighton where the men buy their partners souvenirs. Jerry tells Len he's going to see Myra about a divorce. Annie writes to the brewery about changing the pub's name. Ruth suggests having the picture authenticated first but Annie is already convinced as she can feel the masked lady around her. In Liverpool, Jed's clownish behaviour attracts the attention of a policeman. He pretends to be a Brazilian and is horrified when Stan jokingly gives the officer his name.


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