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Liz threatens Charlie that she's going to tell Shelley the whole sordid story. Sophie wants a dog for her birthday. Sally's adamant that she's not having one. Frankie meets Maya in the Rovers for a lunch. Neither of them are pleased to see Leanne in there. Shelley arrives back from her hen night in Bradford. She's eaten-up with guilt and explains to Charlie that how after a few drinks a man tried to kiss her, but that's all that happened. Charlie forgives her immediately explaining the same thing happened to him. Shelley's shocked as Charlie, lying through his teeth, tells her how Liz came on to him and he knocked her back. Shelley says that she'll "kill the bitch!". Maya tells Frankie that she's got to show her face at her friend's wedding and leaves. Dev and Sunita arrive back from their holiday in the Lake District very much in love. They're unnerved when Frankie tells them that Maya's still around. Kevin watches Sophie playing with Chesney and Schmeichel and realises how much she obviously loves dogs. Cilla who's all dolled-up says she's going to bingo with Yana to cheer her up. Chesney tells Les that she's wearing uncle Ronnie's favourite dress. Les is worried. Shelley calls Liz an old trollop and accuses her of trying it on with Charlie. Liz denies it saying that it was Charlie who came on to her. Shelley doesn't believe her, sacks her and tells her to find somewhere else to live.


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Shelley Unwin (to Liz McDonald): "Isn't that your master plan? to take my place in the pub and then in me bed? Why don't you get yourself a nice red lamp so the men can see it from the street?"

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