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It's the morning after the party and Sarah and Jason continue to sleep. Sally's determined that Rosie will return to Oakhill despite her bullying claims. It's the day of the tribunal and Dev is looking forward to rubbishing Leanne's sexual harassment claims. Todd can't believe his eyes when he walks into his brother's room and finds Jason and Sarah in bed together. Devastated Todd throws Sarah onto the street and a fight quickly breaks out between the brothers. Eileen tries to break them up but as the fight escalates Todd explodes, saying that he can no longer face life on the street. Kevin puts his foot down and tells Rosie that she can go back to Weatherfield High. Eileen begs her son to reconsider but his mind is made up. Norris and Rita remain tight-lipped about their early return from Rula's house. Todd leaves No.11 and sees Sarah on the other side of the street. He tells her that he's going saying that he hopes she finds someone who'll love her as much as he did. Eileen screams abuse at Sarah. Todd jumps on a bus, leaving a distraught Eileen being comforted by Sean. Leanne tells Maya that she wants to back out of the proceedings but Maya's not about to lose her chance of revenge and pushes Leanne into going ahead with the tribunal by saying that she will charge her at the going rate for her hours if she backs out. Fred and Ashley investigate the loft. Jason apologises to Eileen. She says he's never to bring Sarah into their house. Fred and Ashley find the loft is infested with squirrels. Claire wants to keep them, thinking they're cute. Fred asks Roy's advice in how to get rid of them. Dev is stunned to discover that it's Maya who is representing Leanne, although the chairman suggests they proceed with the case, concentrating on the matter in hand. Each side give their evidence but it's not long before the proceedings get personal when Maya questions Dev and loses her own control. A screaming match ensues and the hearing is suspended. Rosie says that she's made friends at Oakhill now and has changed her mind about leaving. The chairman of the hearing finds that Leanne is "almost as unreliable as her counsel," rejects her accusations, and says that Dev can claim costs against her. Eileen and Sean meet Sarah, Gail and Candice coming out of the Rovers. Eileen tells a disappointed Gail what happened but it is Candice who is most horrified. She calls Sarah a dirty little trollop. Roy gives Fred something in a bag that will get rid of unwanted squirrels. Sunita worries what Maya's next move will be.


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Norris Cole: (to Rita Sullivan): "Emily's not like us, she's a traditionalist. I mean, she's only just got her head round tiramisu. Heaven knows what she'd make of wife-swapping sex parties!"

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