Jerry feels that Dennis is a nuisance and no use at the yard. Len works him hard when he finally appears. Sheila warns Ruth that people are talking about her and Len. Ruth picks Ken, Jerry and Ena for the Rovers quiz team, and joins the Bird in Hand team to make up the numbers. She cleverly mollifies Annie by suggesting she left her off the team to give the other side a chance. Annie is determined to win as the landlady of the Bird in Hand is a Lady Victualler and worries that Ena will be a weak link. The Tech make up the questions. Ruth asks Dennis to be quizmaster. Jed doesn't think Dennis has enough personality for the job. Ena advises Len not to fall for Ruth as it won't last. Minnie helps Ena brush up on her general knowledge but ends up confusing the pensioner as she reads out the wrong answers from the book. Len and Jerry argue about England's chances in the World Cup. Jerry thinks about getting a divorce and asks Len for advice. Dennis misses the start of the quiz as he's still cleaning up the yard for Len. The competition begins with Jed acting as quizmaster. Ruth joins George Chippendale and Alf Whittham from the Bird in Hand. Dennis admits to Sheila that he cried when Arnold Tanner walked out and used to make up stories about having a great dad. The contest is neck and neck but Ena wins for the Rovers on the deciding question about Cyrus the Great. Annie gets George to identify a painting she and Jack found in the cellar some months ago. He removes the frame and finds it stuffed with money and a mask. Ruth tells Len she'll go out with him on her birthday - tomorrow.


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