Sally insists on taking photos of Rosie in her new school uniform. Rosie's embarrassed. Candice is delighted when Audrey gives her some proper hairdressing scissors for her birthday, but upset that her mum's forgotten. Dev offers to try and talk to Sunita's parents and smooth things over but Sunita thinks it's pointless. As Jason gets ready for Candice's, Katy's and Fiz's birthday party, Sean eyes him up. Jason feels uncomfortable. Sarah and Katy decide to be friends again; as Sarah points out, Katy could be her stepmother one day. Rita and Norris go for dinner at Rula and Bernie's big country house. At the party Candice fancies Jason, Tyrone and Maria get on well and Warren tries to chat up Sarah. Fiz is delighted when Kirk gives her a sapphire ring for her birthday. Tyrone lets slip that it was Maria's idea but Fiz is still pleased. Todd and Sean go for a drink. Todd admits that he feels happier now than he's ever felt. Sarah and Jason leave the party together and end up kissing.


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Sally Webster: "When I first started at 'big school', do you know what my mother said to me? She said I had three choices: I could just turn up and not try and get nowhere, or I could try a little bit harder and do okay, or I could really try my best and work hard and make something of myself."
Rosie Webster: "So you just turned up then?"

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