Karen tells Steve that she has decided to go and visit her mother's grave. They go and she is upset because all her mother wanted was for her to be a good person. Ciaran invites Mike, Penny, Frankie, Danny, Sunita, Dev, Fred and Liz to a meal at the restaurant. Ciaran and Tracy arrive at the restaurant and it is really dusty and untidy. He persuades Tracy to tidy it up for the meal at night. Karen and Steve come in to the Rovers, Karen apologises to Liz for being insensitive towards Steve when she went missing for the day. Sunita moves all of her belongings into Dev's flat. Karen and Steve leave the pub and bump into Eileen. Karen apologises to Eileen for the things she has done and gives her a hug. A shocked Eileen goes into the pub and tells Liz what just happened. Back at the restaurant all the guests are being given drinks by Tracy. Ciaran thanks everyone for coming, Danny proposes a toast. Karen asks Steve to get her the vodka and her cigarettes. He brings them to her and she takes the vodka and pours it down the sink and puts the cigarettes in the bin. She says that she is going to change and be like how her mum wanted her to be. The guests in the restaurant are getting ready to leave when Tracy asks if anyone would put in some money to the business. Everyone declines and an angry Penny tells Ciaran that she will speak to him in the morning. He realises that this is the end of his dream.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Karen decides to try and turn over a new leaf; Dev asks Sunita to move in with him; and Ciaran invites some of the residents to sample his cooking.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,670,000 viewers (10th place).
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