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Frankie's furious to discover that Leanne's stayed the night in Jamie's bed. She chucks her out the house. Martin's disapproving when Katy admits that she's lied to her dad about her exam results. Karen's delighted when Steve tells her that he's going to give her a "day of pleasure". Danny tells Frankie she's been too harsh with Leanne. Frankie apologises to her and they agree to start again. Maria gives Frankie all the dirt on Leanne saying that she's a slag and a drug addict. Norris, Emily, Blanche and Audrey play poker. Blanche wins. Roy apologises to Ciaran for his misplaced suspicions about the money. Jack wins his bet with Ciaran when the Rovers Ravers win the semi-finals in the bowls competition. They agree to double or quits on the final. Leanne's offended when Jamie reports back what Frankie's told him about her. Karen's not impressed when Steve, having promised to cook her a meal, serves up frozen prawns. Steve thinks that she's spoiled. Leanne decides to have it out with Frankie. She dumps Jamie for being a mummy's boy and promises Frankie that she'll get her own back.


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Notable dialogue

Frankie Baldwin (to Leanne Battersby): "I know your sort, always got a spare pair of knickers in yer handbag."


Jamie Baldwin (to Leanne Battersby): "Are you the local bike or what?"


Leanne Battersby (to Frankie Baldwin): "Watch your back, Essex girl!"

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