Sunita's nervous as she packs her things and gets ready to leave for hospital. Tyrone and Kirk arrange to watch the video of Tracy at lunchtime but they're thwarted when Fiz catches them. Emily receives a summons for her unpaid council tax. Gail's still furious with Audrey for sacking Sarah. Martin tries to calm her down. Blanche insists on going to the council offices with Deirdre saying that she wants to find out what's going on with Alf Roberts' fountain. Sunita writes letters to Dev, Shelley and her mother and asks Dev to deliver them should she die during the operation. Warren impresses Candice telling her how rich he is being a footballer. Tyrone, Kirk and Jamie arrange to watch the "Tracy" video at Vera's house when she's gone to bingo. Frankie's furious when Danny tells her that Warren's been sacked from Brentford FC. Audrey offers to pay Emily's council tax for her if she'll put an end to her protest. Emily's incensed, telling Audrey that her principles are not for sale. As Sunita goes in for her operation, Dev proposes to her. Sunita's upset and scared pointing out that this isn't the right time.


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