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Sunita's in turmoil. She still loves Dev but she's worried that she can't trust him and that he might change his mind again. She also hates the way he's treated Maya. Jack insists the girls wear proper gear for the bowls match. They run up some outfits in the factory. Audrey steels herself to tell Sarah that she's not cut out for hairdressing but is thwarted when Sarah gets upset about the baby. Footballer Warren turns up at No.7 saying that he's got a couple of weeks off from Brentford FC as he's got an ankle injury. Danny's suspicious. Frankie's delighted to see him. Maya collects her stuff from Dev's flat. Dev apologises for the way he's treated her. Maya begs him to take her back but he refuses. Maya's beside herself. At the bowls match, Shelley puts her back out and Eileen is made to forfeit the game, but the women win with Hayley's last bowl. Katy passes her driving test. Dev finally manages to convince Sunita it's her that he wants and not Maya. Sunita admits that she's still in love with him and they embrace passionately. In a fit of pique, Maya trashes Dev's flat and leaves.


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Jack Duckworth: "Look, it is very important tonight that we dress properly, 'cos there's one or two things that don't go down very well with Crown Green."
Sonia Marshall: "You mean we can't wear our S&M gear?"

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