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Harry's nose is put out of joint when he finds that Jamie's been taken on as an errand boy at the factory. Mike assures him that his job's safe. Tracy invites herself and Amy into Ciaran's flat. She can't believe how tidy he is. He can't believe what a slattern she is. Maya tells Sunita how tired Dev is. Sunita insists that he must take a holiday. Under pressure, Dev agrees although he suspects Maya's behind the idea somehow. Emily's collecting for the church jumble sale. Danny lets her have some seconds from the factory and Dev lets her put up a poster in the corner shop. Katy and Martin are unnerved when Tommy offers to help Katy move her stuff back into Martin's flat. Tommy admits to Angela how much he's hurting inside. Ciaran meets Penny for their lunch date. Fred's intrigued when he spots them getting cosy. Tracy suspects that Ciaran's seeing Penny but he refuses to confirm or deny. Fred spots Tracy leaving Ciaran's flat and can't believe his eyes, thinking Ciaran must have two women on the go. Katy moves back into Martin's flat. Unsuspecting Sarah calls in and her shock turns to fury when she realises that Martin and Katy are back together. As Martin tries to explain, Sarah declares not only has she lost her fiancé and her baby but she's lost her dad too. Martin tries to follow her into No.8 but David closes the door in his face.


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Notable dialogue

Ciaran McCarthy: "It's not a flying visit, obviously!"
Tracy Barlow: "You wouldn't believe the stuff you've gotta lug round for a Rugrat... weighs a flippin' ton."
Ciaran McCarthy: Yeah, yer not joking."


Mike Baldwin (about Jamie Baldwin): "The kid's gonna do a few deliveries and muck-in as and when."
Harry Flagg: "I don't mind him mucking-in, it's the mucking-out I object to. I'm the cleaner at Underworld."


Sarah Platt: "Oh, just go away. Go back to yer girlfriend.
Gail Platt: "I knew this would happen."
Martin Platt: "Oh well, three cheers for psychic Gail!"

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