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It's Chesney's birthday. Les and Janice give him a magic set. As Sally gets ready for the open day at Oakhill School, Rosie and Sophie bicker. Kevin's relieved when he gets called out on a breakdown so he can't go with her. Mike tells Danny that his cheque bounced and he's got until the end of the week to come up with money if he still wants half of the Underworld business. Cilla calls round and gives Chesney a water pistol for his birthday. Chesney's delighted that she's remembered. Cilla tries it on with Les but although tempted, he throws her out telling her that the deal's off and she's not welcome at No.5 whether Janice is there or not. Danny explains to Mike why the cheque bounced and how he had to give the money to Vinny Evans to bail Jamie out. Mike's unsympathetic. Emily receives a reminder that she hasn't paid her council tax. Danny tells Jamie that he expects him to pay him back for the money he paid Vinny. Sally waxes lyrically about Oakhill School to Emily, Vera and Norris. Cilla has a barbecue in the back yard of No.5 for Chesney's birthday. Les gets himself stuck in the handcuffs from the magic set. Norris complains about the smell and the noise and soaks them all with his hose. Cilla peels off her wet blouse, and Les is still handcuffed when Janice arrives home.


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Notable dialogue[]

Frankie Baldwin: "I know you had your reasons, Jamie... but when people say it's expensive bringing up children, they don't normally mean that expensive."
Danny Baldwin: "Shut yer noise! It's happened, so live with it!"


Les Battersby (about Cilla Brown's state of undress): "I know this doesn't look good, but there's a perfectly innocent explanation."
Janice Battersby: "I'm sure there is... and if pigs could fly, she'd be the Squadron Leader!"

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