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Vinny Evans drops the charges against Jamie and Jamie's released from the police cells. Cilla turns up at No.5. Chesney naively thinks she's remembered his birthday which is tomorrow. Cilla covers and pretends he's right. Fiz can see she's lying. Danny's furious with Jamie for beating up Vinny. Jamie tries to explain why he did it. Frankie feels sorry for him. Sally tells Rosie that her friends are common and she'll have a richer selection of friends to chose from at Oakhill School. Upset Rosie slams out of the house. Cilla finds Les in the Rovers and turns on the charm. She tells him she'll pop round tomorrow for Chesney's birthday. Janice promises Chesney they'll take him out for a birthday tea. Under pressure from Frankie and Jamie, Danny explains how to get Vinny to drop the charges he had to give him all the money from their house sale, all bar the mortgage. Frankie's shell-shocked as she realises they're skint and will have to stay in Coronation Street.


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Notable dialogue

Sally Webster: "We've got a very important meeting tomorrow and I need to know that you'll be by my side. We have to show them that we're exactly the kind of parents that they want at their school."
Kevin Webster: "Oh sorry, my mistake. I thought the school was for the kids, not the parents."


Sally Webster: "You won't go slamming doors when you're older, will you Sophie? It's such an unnecessary habit."

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