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Frankie's worried about Jamie. Danny agrees to try to talk to Vinny Evans and persuade him to drop the charges. Rosie brags about her new friend Keisha-Camille's house. Sally says she's common. Sally has to grovel to Dev to win back the Street Cars contract. She promises Kevin that she'll consult him first in the future. Blanche pegs out Amy's washing and has a go at Tracy who's sunbathing in the back yard, accusing her of tampering with her jigsaw. Frankie visits Jamie at the police station. Jamie's distraught explaining he wanted to kill Vinny to stop him taking Frankie away from his dad. Danny meets up with Vinny. The hatred between them is apparent. Vinny says he'll drop the charges against Jamie if he gets to sleep with Frankie one more time. Danny refuses the offer. Maya lets slip to Ciaran about Sunita's illness. Ciaran offers to cook for Sunita rendering Dev surplus to requirements. Maya's plan to come between them seems to be working. Vera tries to console Frankie, comparing Jamie to her Terry. Danny offers what's left of the money from the house sale to Vinny if he'll drop the charges against Jamie.


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Notable dialogue[]

Sally Webster: "You'd better not call me anything other than 'mum'."
Rosie Webster: "Don't worry, I hate the name 'Sally'. I think it's common."
Sally Webster: "Up to your room... right now!"
Rosie Webster: "With pleasure!"

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