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Furious Maya accuses Dev and Sunita of conducting an affair behind her back. Dev and Sunita try to explain the truth to her but she refuses to listen, accusing Sunita of being pregnant with Dev's child and having an abortion. Eventually Sunita tells her that she's got a brain tumour. Maya's astounded and as the news sinks in she's mortified, wishing the ground would swallow her up. Frankie insists on viewing an expensive house with Danny. Danny's uncomfortable knowing he's used the money from their house sale to buy into Underworld. Shelley cons Liz and Ciaran into wearing stepometers pretending they've been issued by the brewery. Sally tells Kevin that Rosie is definitely going to Oakhill School as she fell out with Mr Lewis at Weatherfield High. She exaggerates their argument saying she ended up slapping him in the face! Jamie Baldwin arrives at No.7 telling Danny and Frankie he's moving in. Rosie says she's not going to Oakhill and storms up to her room. Maya apologises to Dev explaining she was just jealous. When Dev tells her Sunita could die, Maya's quietly hopeful.


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