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Maya's incensed when Dev says he's taking Sunita to the hospital again. Frankie's still convinced it was Danny who beat up Vinny Evans but Danny denies it. Roy and Hayley prepare to go on holiday in their camper van. Roy gives Leanne a job in the cafe on a trial basis. Maya thinks Sunita must be pregnant and that Dev's taking her to hospital for an abortion. Sunita's shocked when she finds out that she has a benign brain tumour (prolactinoma) which is treatable, but the scan has also shown up a cerebral aneurysm. In the worst case she could die. Danny admits to Mike that he was in Chingford on Wednesday but only to sell the house. He gives Mike a cheque for his half of Underworld and makes Mike promise to keep quiet as Frankie thinks they're going to buy a big house in Cheshire. Roy and Hayley set off for Suffolk in their camper van. Emily arrives back from visiting Mavis Wilton and is shocked to hear about the protest and Betty's funny turn. She apologises to Audrey for all the ill-feeling but vows that the fight with the council isn't over yet. As Maya sees Sunita arrive back from hospital looking upset and shaken, she's more convinced than ever Sunita's had an abortion. Maya vows to get her revenge.


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Hayley Cropper: "Hello Amy, we'll send you a card as well."
Tracy Barlow: "Yeah, you can send her a postal order as well if you like!"

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