Sarah hands her notice in at the café. Audrey voices her concerns to Gail about Sarah working in the salon, but Gail insists that she must put Sarah before Candice. Under pressure, Audrey agrees to let Sarah do a month's work experience. Sarah's delighted. Dev admits to Maya that he's paying for Sunita's private medical care. Maya hits the roof and proceeds to throw tins at Dev. She cites Sunita as the reason Dev wants to cancel their wedding. Danny gets Hayley to go out and buy a dress for Frankie as an anniversary present. Hayley buys a gorgeous dress. Frankie can tell that Danny didn't choose it. When Maya moans to Frankie about all of Sunita's doctors' appointments, Frankie tells Maya about Sunita's suspected pregnancy. Maya's horrified. The police turn up at No.7. Vinny Evans has been assaulted and they want to question Danny. He's adamant that he knows nothing about it but Frankie's suspicious as he disappeared on Wednesday. Roy buys a camper van at the auctions as a surprise for Hayley. He wants them to travel the world, starting off in Kent! Maya lets herself into Sunita's flat to look for evidence. She finds Sunita's diary and then to her horror, the packaging from a pregnancy tester kit.


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Roy Cropper: "With transport that doubles up as accommodation, Hayley, the world could be our oyster. Think of it... the two of us, the open road, vacuum flasks, a well-stocked hamper. No borders, no restrictions, no timetables. Just travelling... wherever the mood took us. From one site of great historical significance to the next. Think of it Hayley, you and me alone in that van together, giving in to our natural wanderlust. Doesn't that sound tempting?"

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