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As Cilla moves in to kiss Les, he suddenly realises what's going on. He tells her to behave herself and drives her back to Coronation Street. Sunita and Maya arrive back from their shopping trip. Maya's on cloud nine but Sunita's depressed. She confides in Shelley that Dev's made her a private appointment with the consultant. Maya wonders what they're whispering about. Les allows Cilla into No.5 to look after Chesney who's supposedly poorly. Janice is furious to find her there and throws her out. Roy buys Hayley an old globe from the auction rooms and suggests they should travel the world. Maya shocks Dev when she tells him that she's booked their wedding and honeymoon in the Caribbean for two weeks' time. Sarah tells Audrey she'd like to leave the cafe and wants a job in the salon. Cilla tells Les how much she's missing Chesney. Les is taken in and agrees to let Cilla see Chesney in the house so long as Janice doesn't find out. Cilla's delighted that her plan is working.


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