Ena has changed her mind and refuses to go to the inaugural meeting of the Over 60's Club‏‎. Swindley is pleased with the large turnout. Albert brings Nancy to the meeting. Swindley makes Albert and Michael Courtenay join the platform for the committee election. As he calls the meeting to order, he sends Emily to ask Ena to join them but she cantankerously continues to refuse. Ida gets stressed as the time for David's train nears. Frank tells David his plan to buy farwell drinks in the Rovers will fail as a lot of residents are at the meeting in the mission. Albert is elected chairman and Michael treasurer. At the suggestion of a musical evening from Minnie, Swindley presents them with a piano donated by the Bottle Lane Congregational Youth Club. They realise Ena is the only one who can play it. Joe Baumgarten returns from the United States to look up a lady he knew during the war, although he can't remember which street she lived on. Annie thinks he's one of Elsie's old flames. Harry takes Concepta to the theatre for the evening. Annie makes Billy work behind the bar. Ena is tempted by the thought of the piano into agreeing to play it. David enters the hall to say his goodbyes to everyone. The club sings We'll Meet Again to him with Ena at last on the piano. Joe thinks he's remembered where his landlady lived and leaves to find her. Jack tells Tom the brewery won't allow one of his jukeboxes in the Rovers. He's depressed at his lack of progress in business. Arthur comes into the Rovers with fellow police-officer Peter Derwent, determined to have it out with Elsie over her men friends. As the club members pour in, David buys drinks for the regulars. Joe returns, having had a fruitless search. Hearing who he is, Ena thinks he's also after Elsie. A moment later, Elsie comes in and, desperate to avoid Arthur, takes refuge in the Snug. Across the pub, Joe sees who he's looking for in there and follows where he has a happy reunion with "dimples" - Minnie.


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