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Les and Janice explain to Chesney that No.5 is his home too but Cilla isn't welcome. Sarah decides that it's time she got on with her life and goes back to work at the cafe. To Dev's surprise, Maya insists he accompany Sunita to the doctors. While they're gone she closes the corner shop and gets a copy of Sunita's flat key made. Les is fed up to find his next fare is Cilla who wants running to Chorlton. Cilla pretends she's got an interview. Doctor Patel tells Sunita that she needs to see consultant endocrinologist Dr Cunningham for further tests. When Dev insists he'll pay for her to go privately, Sunita tries to argue. Roy tells Hayley he's seen something he wants to bid for at the auction rooms. Hayley's intrigued. Cilla turns on the tears telling Les how much she still loves him and misses him. Sunita's bemused when Maya suggests they go shopping together. Gail and Maria bury the hatchet, agreeing that they both lost out on Nick. When the school phones to say that Chesney's poorly and needs picking up, Janice tries to get hold of Les. Cilla suggests to Les that she doesn't mind being his bit on the side so he can still have Janice. Les is sorely tempted.


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