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Maya changes tactics and apologises to Dev for disbelieving Sunita. Janice moves her things into No.5. Chesney's pleased when she tells him that it's still okay for him to see Cilla. Jack rallies the ladies bowling team together and gives Kirk a job as his assistant. Cilla calls round to No.5 and brings Schmeichel with her as part of her plan to win Chesney round and keep him on side. The Rovers Ravers bowls team practise at the bowling green on the Red Rec. Hayley proves to be very good but the rest are terrible. Jack realises that he's got his work cut out. Maya's annoyed to find Dev and Sunita in the Rovers together, having closed the corner shop for an hour. Putting on a smile, Maya offers to cover for Sunita if she's not feeling well. Dev's suspicious. Whilst nobody's looking, Maya rummages in Sunita's handbag. Chesney, under instructions from Cilla, has another go at persuading Les to take her back. Janice overhears and vows to have it out with Cilla. Blanche and Norris are fed up to see in the Gazette that the fountain is still going ahead. Audrey's delighted. Janice tells Cilla what she thinks of her for using Chesney to do her dirty work. Nick leaves the street in a taxi, watched by tearful Maria and Gail. Cilla promises Chesney that the fight's not over and promises to win Les back.


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