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Nick tries to persuade Maria to give them another chance but she's adamant that it's over. Cilla poisons Chesney against Janice in order to worm her way back in with Les. Vera's mortified when she burns a hole in one of Frankie's designer blouses with the iron. She insists that Tyrone takes her into Manchester to replace it. Candice tries to comfort Maria, telling her that she's better off without Nick. Dev takes Sunita to the doctors. The doctor confirms that Sunita is not pregnant but can't explain the fainting and blurred vision. They run some blood tests. Maya complains to Frankie how she's been left to run the corner shop while Dev panders to Sunita. Frankie suggests that Sunita's putting it on. Chesney tries to put Janice off by telling her Les doesn't love her. Janice realises that Cilla has been coaching Chesney in her mission to win Les back. Vera's in shock at the cost of replacing Frankie's blouse. When Frankie collects her ironing she gives Vera the blouse saying she never liked it. Vera's speechless. Gail's upset when Nick blames her for coming between him and Maria and announces that he's still moving to Nottingham. Les is delighted when Janice arrives at No.5 saying that she's moving back in. Dev is appalled by Maya when she suggests Sunita's illness is imaginary and she just fancies him. Dev's worried that Sunita's seriously ill.


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Leanne Battersby (about Nick Tilsley): "He's not going to get any woman. Not until he stands up to his whining bitch of a mother."

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