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Frankie pours her heart out to Eileen about her life with Danny and her affair with Vinny Evans. When Frankie starts to cry, Eileen's bemused but sympathetic. Desperate to win Maria back, Nick suggests they bring the wedding forward and marry as soon as possible. Maria's tempted. Betty's given the all clear and is discharged from hospital. Blanche is frustrated when Betty says that she's not doing any more campaigning. Dev's relieved when he gets the results of his colonoscopy tests and it's all clear. Deirdre's smarting after a telling-off from her manager for her involvement with the protesters. Blanche is unsympathetic. Dev tells Sunita his good news. Sunita stumbles and collapses after their embrace. Sunita admits that despite having done a negative test, she's still convinced that she's pregnant with Danny's baby. Dev insists he takes her to the doctors. Maria tells Nick that she can't marry him as she could never trust him and he's too selfish. She gives him back her engagement ring. Nick's devastated.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Leanne hopes that her plotting has had the desired effect; and Maria has to decide whether she can forgive and forget.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,660,000 viewers (1st place).

Notable dialogue[]

Frankie Baldwin: "You must think I'm a right nutcase, kicking and shouting at shop doors."
Eileen Grimshaw: "Believe me, compared to some round 'ere, it's positively sane behaviour."


Blanche Hunt: "Oh it's true what they say. In times of trouble, when backs are against walls, the wheat and the chaff separate. Them that are quitters fall by the wayside, but them that are fighters - with the blood of Trafalgar and Dunkirk pumping through their veins - they press on. Cometh the hour, Deirdre, Cometh the woman... Cometh Blanche Hunt."

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