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Danny's furious to find Vinny Evans in his house. He threatens to kill him but Frankie implores him to leave him alone. Announcing he's going to the Rovers, Danny tells Frankie to decide who she wants: him or Vinny. Leanne's delighted to see Phil Mason again and explains to Janice that he's been in prison for three months for smuggling booze and cigarettes, but she really likes him. Sunita's upset, explaining to Shelley that she still doesn't feel well. Shelley thinks she should go to the doctors. Deirdre sneaks Rita, Blanche, Norris and Betty into the Town Hall gardens. Audrey's upset when the protesters arrive and ruin the unveiling of fountain plans ceremony. Betty has a funny turn and is taken to hospital by ambulance. Vinny tries desperately to persuade Frankie to leave Danny and go with him. When Gail finds out about Leanne's plan to split up Nick and Maria, a row ensues in the Rovers. Phil's shocked to hear what Leanne's been up to and tells her that it's over between them. Phil leaves and Leanne's very upset. Nick begs for Maria's forgiveness, explaining how Leanne lured him into a trap but Maria's convinced he still fancies Leanne and tells him that he can move to Nottingham alone. Danny arrives home and is delighted to find Frankie still there and Vinny gone. Frankie asserts she wants them to make a proper go of their marriage.


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Mildred Crawshawe: "Excuse me, we're trying to take some photographs."
Blanche Hunt: "... And we're trying to stop yer!"

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