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Danny gets a shock when Vera lets herself into No.7 to start her cleaning job. Hayley's flattered when Leanne asks her to join them for a birthday drink. Leanne shows Candice a mucky birthday card she's received. She lies saying it's from Nick. Candice tells Maria who's furious. Nick denies he sent it. Audrey's incandescent when she sees a full front page spread of Emily in the Gazette going on about her anti-memorial fountain campaign. Frankie fishes for information from Sunita and finds out that she's not pregnant. Frankie's pleased. Later she tells Danny who's hugely relieved. Jack sells his exercise bike to Ernie Crabbe. Ernie tells him about the forthcoming inter-pub bowls competition. Leanne's delighted with the new mobile phone that Janice has bought her. Hayley joins Leanne for birthday drinks and gets quite drunk. Nick finds out he's got the job in Nottingham. Gail's upset that he'll be moving away. Jack tries to get a bowls team together but none of the lads are interested. Hayley tells him of her bowling prowess during the 1980s. Danny invites Vera to join them for a glass of wine at home. Vera's delighted. Emily suggests they have a sit-in at the council offices. Deirdre's worried she'll get into trouble for helping them. Danny tells Sunita that he's pleased she's not pregnant. Sunita realises his information could only have come from Shelley and tells her that she's a crap friend. Leanne vows to split up Nick and Maria for good.


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Nick Tilsley: "Come on, Nottingham's famous for loads of things. Lace, Robin Hood..."
Maria Sutherland: "So why don't you take Leanne then? She's got a look of Friar Tuck."

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