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Nick tells Maria that he's up for promotion and might be offered the job of running the new Nottingham branch. Maria's not very keen. Danny confesses to Mike that he might have got Sunita pregnant. Sarah's hurt to discover Gail knew about Katy's secret too and didn't bother to tell her. Gail explains they just wanted to protect her. Katy's upset that Martin's chosen his family over her. Angela tries to comfort her. Frankie invites Vera round to No.7 for a coffee realising that she's a good source of gossip. Sunita does her pregnancy test which proves negative. Although she knows it's for the best, she's quite upset as she would have liked a baby in some ways. When Frankie asks Vera if she knows of any gyms in the area, she tells her that she can borrow their exercise bike but Frankie's dismissive. Leanne slyly asks Nick about his new job. As Nick chats to her Maria enters and is furious to see them looking so cosy. Nick tries to placate her while Leanne's smug. Jack's astonished when Vera says she's getting rid of the exercise bike as they're going to join a gym. Vera proudly explains that she's got a new job as Frankie's housekeeper - £10 for a load of ironing and £5 per hour for cleaning. Jack's impressed. Danny goes to see Sunita. Mike covers for him telling Frankie that he's gone to look at a house that he saw in the paper. Frankie's suspicious. Danny asks Sunita if she's pregnant with his baby and offers to pay for an abortion. Sunita's furious at his selfishness and decides to make him sweat by refusing to answer the question.


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