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Although pleased that Cilla's back, Chesney's angry that she didn't bother to tell him where she was going. Cilla admits she's been at uncle Ronnie's house again. Proud Les tells everyone that he and Janice are back together. Liz calls to see Tracy and enjoys cooing over her granddaughter Amy. Sally pulls the pornographic calendar off the garage wall and replaces it with "business mottoes of the day". Tommy and Tyrone are sick of her interference. Les, Fiz and Janice are shocked to find Cilla in No.5. Cilla makes it clear that she wants to move back in but Les tells her to get lost, explaining he's back with Janice. Cilla's put-out but refuses to leave. Karen asks Dev to put up some posters advertising the fact it's Steve's thirtieth birthday tomorrow. Maya sarcastically thanks Sunita for being such a good friend to Dev and tells her to keep her nose out in future. Cilla and Janice continue to insult each other. Cilla still refuses to leave so Janice and Les are forced to go back to Janice's flat. Cilla thinks she's won the first round.


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  • This episode was transmitted at 9.30pm and no episodes were broadcast on Wednesday 23rd June or Friday 25th June 2004 due to coverage of the Euro 2004 football championships.
  • TV Times synopsis: Les and Janice's reunited bliss is cut short when Cilla makes herself at home; Karen struggles to come to terms with Liz's return; and Tyrone and Tommy grow increasingly resentful of Sally's interference.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 7,180,000 viewers (20th place).
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